The meter is broken, but I still have to pay? Montclair, this is annoying (letter)

The Parking Utility catches up with the repair of parking meters that were not repaired during the pandemic. Officials warn to either pay through the app if the meter isn’t working or find another location.

It was very annoying to learn that anyone who parks in a parking lot with a broken meter has to find one with a working meter or risks getting a ticket. I am struggling to find a reason to do this.

My wife and I and our two children moved here when I was 34 in 1986 and we have always loved everything about the city.

Now I’m a senior with back pain and a questionable knee. When I find a free parking space (not an easy task on many days) I like to drive into it. Finding one with a working meter sometimes takes two or three tries, with the required getting in and out. I and everyone else, regardless of their physical condition, shouldn’t have to do this.

By my calculations, my wife and I have paid well over half a million dollars in property taxes over the years. I suspect the cost of a parking ticket is just a drop in the ocean on top of that, but excuse me if I find the view a bit annoying.

Matt Roberts


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