4 Best Bamboo Pillows To Help You Sleep (2021)

From bamboo utensils to bamboo toothbrushes, household products made from bamboo are growing in popularity every year. If you have allergies, neck pain, or keep waking up to turning your pillow on the cold side, bamboo pillows have the potential to help you sleep peacefully through the night.

In this article we will explain the benefits of bamboo pillows and how they can help you on your way to a better night’s sleep. We also recommend some of the best pillows out there so you can choose the new bedding that suits you.

Our selection for the top bamboo pillows

Each product presented here was selected independently by the author. Find out more about our assessment methodology here. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may receive a commission.

Why switch to bamboo pillows?

Bamboo can be thought of as a tree-like structure because of its resilience, but it is actually classified as grass that can be spun and woven in a soft, spongy material similar to cotton. The cushions consist of a bamboo-based outer cover and are filled with pieces of foam to adapt to the position of your head. Bamboo is considered naturally hypoallergenic and does not attract pests, bacteria or other fungi like most other plants.

Bedding such as cotton and silk do not have the concise cellulose structure like bamboo. The cell structure of the material allows for better oxygen circulation, making it light and breathable, so your pillow stays cool longer.

Apart from the sleeping advantages of the pillows, bamboo is considered to be an extremely sustainable material due to its production. The adaptable plant is a great renewable resource as it can thrive in any type of soil and is considered one of the fastest growing plants in the world. When the bamboo is grown, it produces more oxygen than its calculated carbon emissions. And the cultivation of bamboo requires neither fertilizers nor pesticides, so that the ecosystems around the bamboo farms can remain intact.

Although bamboo is a completely natural and sustainable material in itself, it has to go through a strong chemical process to become a textile. Bamboo viscose, a type of viscose, is controversial among environmentalists because of this process, but overall, bamboo derivatives still produce lower CO2 emissions than conventional polyester bedding. New bamboo textile processes are also being developed to be much more environmentally friendly.

Full reviews of our top picks

When choosing our best recommended bamboo pillows, we considered the following factors:

  • Comfort: Quality comes first when choosing bed linen. The selected bamboo pillows contain a soft and supple, adjustable filling to adapt to your preferred firmness.
  • Materials: Most traditional pillows are filled with synthetic foam that contains VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds. We make sure that both the bamboo fabric and the foam used in our picks are free of toxins.
  • Costs: Bamboo pillows are usually a little more expensive than normal polyester or feather pillows because of their superior comfort and environmentally friendly properties. It is important that the product you are spending your money on is worth the cost and will last over the long term.
  • Customer Reviews: We look at real and verified reviews to make sure each product really benefits customers’ sleep.

Best overall result: Sleepsia Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow


The Sleepsia Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is our choice for the best overall bamboo pillow because it offers just the right support for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Unlike most memory foam pillows that use a large, compact memory foam base, the shredded memory foam in these sleeping pillows allows you to easily add or remove the filling for your optimal comfort. This memory foam pillow can support your neck, shoulder and upper back muscles without putting any strain on your spine.

The bamboo cover and the memory foam ensure better air circulation so that you don’t feel too warm. These bamboo pillowcases are antibacterial and machine washable so you always have a clean sleep. Sizes range from standard to king size pillows and are sold in a compact box that is easy to reuse or recycle after purchase.

Customer rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars with over 6,000 Amazon reviews

Why buy: Sleepsia’s memory foam pillow uses CertiPUR-US® certified safe foam to ensure low emissions and prevent the use of harmful components.

Best luxury pillow: Cozy House Collection luxury bamboo pillows

Cozy House Collection luxury bamboo pillows


The king-size and queen-size pillows from Cozy House are made of high-quality viscose fabric made from bamboo. The high quality bamboo fibers increase airflow and temperature control so you don’t have to flip over to the cool side of your pillow at night. If the pillows get dirty or flat over time, just toss them in the washer and dryer to make them feel like new again.

These bamboo pillows have a middle layer of transitional foam for added durability and a safe, non-toxic filling so you can sleep comfortably. If you are not satisfied with the luxurious product, Cozy House offers a satisfaction guarantee and will respond to any questions or concerns in a timely manner.

Customer rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 2,300 Amazon reviews.

Why buy: Cozy House products are Amazon’s choice for luxury bamboo pillows and are CertiPUR-US certified. They contain high quality materials to ensure you get the best possible sleep.

Best body pillow: cuddly pedic full body pillow

Cuddly pedic full body pillow


If you have back and neck pain, the Snuggle-Pedic full-body pillow can support your whole body to relieve tension while sleeping. The 4.5 foot long pillow is great as a pregnancy pillow or for anyone looking for premium comfort and support.

The Snuggle-Pedic was developed by chiropractors who wanted to help restless patients sleep well. Doctors found that when you hug a body pillow, your body is able to distribute its weight evenly and naturally align your spine. Inside the pillow there is a cooling material that absorbs heat and helps people who are prone to night sweats and overheating. The shredded memory foam pillow is easy to maneuver for your body and is completely machine washable when you want to clean it or re-cushion it for long-lasting comfort.

Customer rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 14,300 Amazon ratings

Why buy: Made in the USA and GreenGuard Gold certified, Snuggle-Pedic ensures a non-toxic filling.

Best alternative: avocado green pillow

Avocado green pillow


If bamboo pillows are just not for you, the 100% organic cotton pillow from Avocado is just as sustainable and comfortable. When you open the case, the pillow is divided into three main materials. The outer layer consists of a quilted cover made of high quality cotton. The soft bio-latex straps underneath offer structure and adjustable strength to support all sleeping positions. Finally, the pillow is filled with environmentally friendly kapok tree fiber, which is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and never grown with pesticides.

Avocado offers an extra filling pouch if you want to adjust your volume for a softer or extra firm pillow. You can wash your removable cotton pillowcase if necessary, but it doesn’t require the use of bleach and hanging to dry will prevent it from shrinking naturally. The soft pillows are available in any size required and go well with avocado green mattress if you are determined to get a sound and sound sleep.

Customer rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 5,000 reviews on the avocado website

Why buy: Vegan, GreenGuard certified and considered a carbon negative company, Avocados Green Pillow has passed some of the toughest emissions and sustainability tests for sleep products on the market today.

Frequently asked questions: bamboo pillows

Is a bamboo pillow sustainable?

Bamboo is considered a great renewable resource that can be used in many different household items and is a great alternative to traditional polyester bedding products. The fast growing plant has such a high carbon-oxygen content that it actually offsets carbon emissions and does not require fertilization or pesticides which could potentially lead to runoff production. However, the production process to turn bamboo into a textile can create toxins that are released into the environment. Still, it’s a better alternative to fully synthetic materials.

What is special about bamboo pillows?

Bamboo bed pillows are a great product to try if you have trouble sleeping at night due to allergies, breathing problems, or overheating. They are known for their distinctive fibers that promote air circulation and make the pillows so light. The breathable properties have been shown to be hypoallergenic and create natural cooling to help sleepers get a good night’s sleep.

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Why back pain is so common during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is common and caused by many factors.

These factors, which are due to anatomical, postural, vascular, and hormonal changes that naturally occur during pregnancy, tend to develop simultaneously and cause pain in the woman’s body.

Back pain during pregnancy is normal in most cases.

However, you should know some causes of back pain in pregnancy which can indicate a more serious situation.

In rare cases, they can even be life threatening.

How it starts

A pregnant woman will undergo changes in the mechanics of her lower back, which causes discomfort and aggravates existing conditions.

The types of back pain a pregnant woman can expect are:

  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Thigh pain
  • Back and hip pain
  • Stomach cramps

Some musculoskeletal causes of back pain during pregnancy include:

Expansion of the pelvis

Higher levels of estrogen and relaxin hormones expand the pelvis.

This begins in the 10th or 12th week of pregnancy, which typically increases the size of the pelvis by around 10 mm.

Muscles and soft tissues in the lower back are affected by this change in pelvic size, which can affect your gait and cause pain when you walk.

The pain can worsen in the later stages of pregnancy and reach the thighs.

Relaxation of joints and soft tissues

Concentrated estrogen levels also increase tissue and joint flexibility in the lower back.

This causes the sacroiliac joints to become slack, which disrupts the stability of the pelvis.

When relaxed, weight tends to shift from the spine to the legs, and loosening of the joints can also affect posture.

Increasing size of the uterus

As your baby grows, so does the size of your uterus.

Your spine will also begin to deform, especially in the lower back where it becomes noticeably curved.

Muscles that stabilize the pelvis are shortened, increasing the curved shape and causing pain.

Aggravating factors

Severe back pain is one of the symptoms of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and a medical emergency. – Filepic

Other causes of back pain during pregnancy include:


Peripheral nerves in the thigh and pelvic areas can be stretched, compressed, and supplied with blood, making them a source of pain.

The swelling of the soft tissues puts extra pressure on these nerves and causes pain in the thighs, lower back, and pelvis.

Conditions like diabetes and obesity also increase the risk of peripheral nerve pain in the legs.

disc prolapse

Increased stress on the lower skeletal system affects the intervertebral discs and causes a herniated disc.

The nearby nerve roots can be affected, leading to sciatic symptoms that can move down the thighs, legs, and even to the feet.

It often affects one side of the body and can get worse during pregnancy.

Weakened hip bone and joint

Some pregnant women can develop osteoporosis in the third trimester.

The reason why it occurs is still a mystery, but the symptoms usually come on gradually and affect the tissues of the hip joint, causing pain and limiting movement.

Another condition that affects the hip region – avascular necrosis of the femoral head – can occur due to biological changes during pregnancy.

These changes include weight gain and high levels of natural steroids, which affect the bone tissue in the upper part of the thighbone (head of the femur) and can cause pain in the groin and lower back.

Certain obstetric conditions

Although rare, some obstetric conditions, such as spontaneous abortions, ovarian cysts, pelvic or uterine adhesions, fibroids, or fluid retention, can cause lower back pain during pregnancy.

Ruptured ectopic pregnancy

Severe lower back and groin pain can occur when the fallopian tube ruptures due to an ectopic pregnancy.

This condition is a serious medical emergency and occurs in early pregnancy – typically within the first few weeks or the first trimester.

Place of the placenta

In some pregnancies, the placenta is near the back wall of the uterus, where it can potentially cause back pain.

Limited research suggests that a posterior placenta can also lead to poor pregnancy outcomes and premature labor.

Physical treatment

If the condition worsens, you may want to seek treatment for your back pain while pregnant.

Treatment, however, will depend on the underlying causes, stage of pregnancy, and other medical conditions.

You need to consult with the appropriate medical specialists to determine the correct treatment.

They evaluate posture, range of motion of the lower extremities, leg length inequality, tendon reflexes, gait patterns, joint pain and the degree of curvature of the lower spine.

Treatment options usually include posture correction or physical therapy.

In more severe cases, medical treatment and surgery may be required.

Posture correction

One way of relieving the strain on the lower back considerably is to maintain an ergonomically supported posture throughout the day.

Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to bring your knee to the same height as your hip can help relieve back pain caused by pregnancy.  - gpointstudio / FreepikSleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to bring your knee to the same height as your hip can help relieve back pain caused by pregnancy. – gpointstudio / FreepikYour doctor may advise you to cut back on high-impact activities and do stretches and exercises to build strength in your pelvis, hips, and lower back.

Most women find sleeping on their side most comfortable with extra support pillows during pregnancy.

Place a pillow between your knees and ankles while sleeping.

This places the hollow of the knee at the same height as the hip, reducing the strain on the lower back.

You can support your upper arm by placing it on a vertical pillow in front of your stomach and torso.

To support your head and neck, try placing a small rolled-up towel inside the pillowcase.

Another tool that can be helpful is a lumbar spine.

Placing this behind the back of the lower back to help curve the spine when sitting for long periods of time can reduce the frequency and intensity of back pain.

It can also help relieve pelvic pain that occurs from a sit-stand position.

Get an inflatable lumbar spine to accommodate changes in height and posture over the course of pregnancy.

Physiotherapy and exercise

Exercise and physical therapy include stretches, back strengthening movements, and changes in posture.

Visiting a trained therapist can help pregnant women focus on the right exercises to strengthen soft tissues and muscles in the lumbar region.

Flexion exercises (bending forward) help strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve core strength, and reduce the lumbar spine.

Extension exercises (backward bends) help increase strength in the paraspinal muscles that give stability to the spine.

Low-impact exercise options include pelvic tilts, knee-to-chest stretch, straight leg raises, curl-ups, side leg raises, and even kegel exercises.

Heat therapy

Taking short breaks throughout the day from standing, moving, walking or sitting in a tense position at a desk helps relieve muscle spasms and relieve acute pain.

Keep both feet up while sitting to flex your hips and reduce the curvature of your lower spine.

You can also use a warming patch on your lower back or back pelvis to further reduce pain, decrease muscle spasms, and improve circulation at rest.

The heat source must be used for 15 to 20 minutes at a time and must not be too hot.

It is advisable to add a barrier such as a towel to prevent burns.

Take medication with caution

Medication is usually not recommended to pregnant women right away.

Most are not safe for the fetus because if ingested they could cause developmental damage or death.

Only a certain number of pain relievers should be taken during pregnancy.

But even these must be avoided in the first trimester and are only safe in the second and third trimesters.

For back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, paracetamol is considered relatively safe and is used as the drug of choice.

For nerve pain, such as For example, in sciatica or radiculopathy, anticonvulsants (gabapentin) or antidepressants (amitriptyline) can be prescribed with caution for short-term use.

Opioid medications may be recommended for debilitating or severe pain, but dosage and regimen are prescribed with caution to avoid opioid withdrawal in the newborn.

Always consult a doctor before taking any medications, including supplements, over-the-counter medications, ointments, and even inhalers, during pregnancy.

Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar is an obstetrician and gynecologist consultant and a medical practitioner. For more information, email starhealth@thestar.com.my. The information provided is for educational and communication purposes only and should not be construed as personal medical advice. The star assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances of the content appearing in this section. The Star declines all responsibility for loss, damage to property or personal injury arising directly or indirectly from reliance on this information.

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Diet, Health Benefits, and More

There is some anecdotal evidence that consuming cooked lemons can boost your immune system, improve skin, and even help you lose weight.

However, scientific studies on the nutritional values ​​and health benefits of boiled lemons in particular are rare.

Lemons are naturally high in vitamin C and several other vitamins and minerals, but cooking can actually reduce the amount of nutrients they contain.

Read on to learn more about the nutritional benefits of lemons when boiled or mixed with boiled water.

There are several potential health benefits associated with boiling lemons. Some of these are discussed in more detail in the following sections.

Improves the complexion

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects skin cells from harmful free radicals, reducing the signs of aging.

Some studies suggest that taking vitamin C helps the skin heal faster and minimize scarring. It can also stimulate collagen production, give skin a plump, firmer appearance, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Lowers blood pressure

Lemons are good sources of minerals that can help lower blood pressure, such as calcium and potassium. Experts recommend getting these important nutrients through your diet whenever possible, rather than taking them as supplements.

A 2014 study from Japan suggests that consuming lemon juice daily could lower blood pressure in middle-aged women. However, the study was made more difficult by the fact that participants also took daily walks, which may have had a greater effect on blood pressure than the lemon juice.

A previous 2012 study of the effects of lemon juice on blood pressure showed no significant difference in blood pressure readings after 2 weeks. The authors recommend further research, however, as anecdotal evidence from people with high blood pressure suggests that drinking lemon juice can help lower blood pressure immediately.

Strengthens immunity

The vitamin C in lemons can help boost the body’s immune system and protect it from respiratory infections.

For example, a 2017 report shows that high doses of vitamin C (200 milligrams [mg] per day) might be effective in treating pneumonia and the common cold. It also suggests that maintaining an intake of around 100–200 mg of vitamin C per day could help prevent future infections.

The same review suggests that people who are at higher risk of vitamin C deficiency, such as older adults, should make sure they get enough vitamin C through their daily diet. A hot water lemon drink can be a way to replenish a person’s vitamin C levels.

Helps you lose weight

While there’s no solid evidence that lemon water is more effective than plain water at losing weight, it’s still a very low-calorie drink.

People who tend to prefer fruit juices and sodas over plain water may find that drinking lemon water instead of these drinks will help them lose weight faster.

Lemon water can also aid in hydration, which can promote weight loss and reduce water retention.

Improves digestion

People with indigestion often report symptoms such as gas and heartburn, which get better after drinking a glass of hot water and a lemon. However, there isn’t much evidence to suggest that lemon is the ingredient that does all the work.

However, there is some evidence that drinking warm water can have a calming effect on the intestines. A 2019 study in rabbits found that a daily dose of warm water helped reduce diarrhea. A 2016 human study also found that warm water improved bowel movements after surgery. So it may be the temperature of the water rather than the added lemon juice that aids digestion.

It’s worth noting that the soluble fiber in the fruit can help by slowing the digestion of sugars and starches. However, this would mean eating the pulp of the lemon rather than drinking the juice.

Most people prefer to put lemon wedges in hot water or boil lemon in water to make a lemony drink. However, more and more people are discovering that cooked whole lemons can replace the preserved lemons and add flavor and texture to dishes.

Here are three alternative ways to make a boiled water and lemon drink.

Method 1

  1. Halve a fresh lemon.
  2. Squeeze the lemon or use a lemon squeezer to remove the juice and discard any peel or stone.
  3. Put the strained lemon juice in a glass of freshly boiled water and let it cool down before drinking.

Method 2

  1. Cut a lemon into slices or quarters.
  2. Put a piece of lemon in a freshly boiled cup of water.
  3. Let it cool down before drinking.

Method 3

  1. Bring a small saucepan of water to a boil.
  2. Quarter a fresh, washed lemon and add it to the water.
  3. Let simmer for about 3 minutes.
  4. Let it cool down before drinking.

People who find lemon water too bitter to drink are welcome to add a spoonful of honey to sweeten the taste.

People who prefer to use boiled lemon as an additional ingredient to dishes may prefer to cook the lemon longer. Depending on the size, this can take around 20-30 minutes.

One 58 grams (g) raw lemon (peeled off) contains the following nutrients:

  • 16.8 calories
  • 1.62 g of fiber
  • 30.7 mg of vitamin C.
  • 15.1 mg calcium
  • 0.35 mg iron
  • 4.64 mg of magnesium
  • 9.28 mg of phosphorus
  • 80 mg of potassium

Lemons also contain the following vitamins and minerals in small quantities:

  • Thiamine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pantothenic acid
  • zinc
  • copper
  • manganese
  • Riboflavin

The nutritional guidelines for Americans recommend 75 mg of vitamin C daily for women over 19 years of age and 90 mg of vitamin C for men over 19 years of age. People who smoke need 35 mg more vitamin C per day than people who do not smoke.

It is likely that lemons will have lower nutritional value when cooked. Cooking certain types of fruit or vegetables can break down vitamins and minerals that could get into the cooking water.

People who boil lemons to eat the lemons whole may want to save the cooking water to use as an additional drink.

Learn more about the health benefits of lemons here.

Many of the potential health benefits associated with drinking hot water and lemon are rather anecdotal.

However, there is good evidence that the vitamins and minerals in lemons can have a beneficial effect on immunity and the complexion. There is also limited evidence of improved digestion.

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The Migraine Surgical Clinic is the premier headache and migraine management center in Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach, Florida – Clinical migraine is a disabling condition that affects up to 37 million Americans. So far, the disease has only been treated with pharmacological treatment that offers only a temporary solution. However, thanks to recent advances in the medical field, there is a surgical procedure available to patients that is highly effective in treating migraines and, in many cases, eliminates the condition or significantly reduces headaches.

The Surgical Migraine Clinic is a specialized center in Miami Beach, FL operated by a management team of three renowned doctors with years of experience in their field. Dr. Aizik Wolf is one of the world’s leading authorities in neurosurgery and has been practicing for over 35 years. Dr. Gabriel Salloum is a qualified surgeon and one of the best talents in the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery, and Dr. Steven Resnick is a leading neurologist specializing in the treatment of migraines. These doctors combine years of hands-on experience helping patients manage their migraines through successful and innovative treatments such as BOTOX (R), surgical procedures, or other medical treatments.

“As a highly qualified and experienced team, we offer you the latest and most comprehensive migraine treatments. We strive to provide excellent patient care and the highest levels of comfort and satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards of medical excellence, ”said the Miami Headache Doctor representative of her patient-centric approach.

The Surgical Migraine Clinic specializes in a wide variety of headache types, mainly primary headache, migraine headache, tension headache, cluster headache, exertion headache, cold-induced headache, etc. Most patients with a confirmed diagnosis of migraine headache or chronic daily headache are in favor of a surgical one Treatment suitable for migraine relief. The selection is made by a neurologist and after failure of conservative medical treatment. While the full recovery period after surgery can vary from person to person, patients can expect only a few days of downtime, with surgical success being reflected almost immediately.

Once eligibility has been established, the qualified specialists at the Migraine Surgery Clinic take time during the first consultation to discuss their migraine history, pain points and end goals with their patients. Once the trigger points are established, the doctor will provide an accurate diagnosis to determine the ideal option for the patient.

With experts in neurosurgery and plastic surgery on the team, the Surgical Migraine Clinic strives to provide patients with the best possible results in beauty and science. Its specialists strive to maximize relief and minimize scarring. Some patients even use their time in the operating room to have some cosmetic procedures performed under a single anesthetic, including brow lifts, facelifts, and upper eyelid lifts.

Chronic migraineurs in Miami Beach, FL can call the Surgical Migraine Clinic at (305) 712-6254 to arrange an initial consultation. The practice is located at 4308 Alton Rd # 720A, Miami Beach, FL, 33140. For more information on Migraine Doctor Miami, visit the office’s website.

Media contact

Company Name
Migraine Surgical Clinic
Contact name
Dr. Gabriel Salloum
(305) 712-6254
4308 Alton Road # 720A
Miami Beach
United States

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DVIDS – News – U.S. Navy and Jamaica Defense Force Coast Guard are conducting a joint exercise

The Freedom variant inshore combat ship USS Billings (LCS 15) and the offshore patrol ship HMJS George William Gordon of the Jamaica Defense Force Coast Guard conducted a bilateral sea exercise in the Caribbean Sea on October 16, 2021.

The exercise began in three phases and helped improve interoperability and demonstrate the strategic partnership with Jamaica that facilitates the conduct of naval operations against emerging threats in the region.

The ships practiced a range of tactical ship movements, formations, and vectors, and tested command and control skills.

Billings’ small boat was then used to simulate a drug smuggling ship. Billings, George William Gordon, and an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter assigned to the “Snowmen” of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 28, Division 5, worked together to find, track, and intercept the ship while it was evasive tactics tried.

Eventually, the gunners on both ships fired hundreds of shots at a floating training target, “Killer Tomato,” with Billings using the M240B and .50 caliber machine gun and George William Gordon fighting with their .50 caliber machine gun.

“It was a great experience taking part in a bilateral training exercise with our Jamaican Defense Force partners,” said Cmdr. Brett Seeley, Billings Commanding Officer. “It was impressive to have the mountainous skyline of the Jamaican coast as a backdrop for a joint target practice and working with HMJS George William Gordon and their Jamaican Defense Force helicopter enabled us to strengthen our tactical readiness and our commitment to our partners to show “in the region.”

Bilateral engagements enable both navies to build capacity for future operations, maintain readiness at sea, and support ongoing efforts to ensure security and stability.

Billings is deployed to the U.S. 4th Fleet’s area of ​​operations to support the Joint Interagency Task Force South mission to combat drug trafficking in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific.

U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command / U.S. 4th Fleet supports U.S. Southern Command’s joint and combined military operations by engaging naval forces in cooperative maritime security operations to maintain access, improve interoperability, and build lasting partnerships to enhance regional security and Peace, Stability and Prosperity in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Recording date: 16.10.1021
Release Date: 10/18/2021 2:49 PM
Story ID: 407477
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HellaRoller, an interchangeable, expandable muscle roller, is introduced to relieve every body type

Anyone who has ever had tension or pain in a hard-to-reach area in their back knows how freeing up the spine deeper in the muscles would provide relief. HellaRoller expands and adapts to the back and spine of any size – no longer a one size fits all.

Relieve sore muscles with adjustable precision. HellaRoller, an expandable muscle scooter, is offered to consumers today.

Traditional foam rollers are effective tools for loosening muscles and relieving sore muscles. While there are some features, including textured surfaces and varying lengths, it can be difficult to achieve targeted relief. Traditional roles are not enough, especially when navigating around the spine.

HellaRoller was developed to offer an adjustable solution for every body type. From broad shoulders to petite upper bodies, the expandable core of the HellaRoller offers space for the spine and enables the user to take specific relief.

“Muscle pain and especially back pain are big problems that too many people face,” says Ken Frei, co-founder and CEO of HellaRoller. “Anyone who has ever had tension or pain in a hard-to-reach area in their back knows how creating space for the spine deeper in the muscles would provide relief. HellaRoller expands and adapts to the back and spine of any size – no longer a one size fits all. “

The global foam roller market is estimated at $ 259 million and is expected to grow to more than $ 280 million by 2024. While there are a number of options available to consumers, most of the options differ in textures, densities, and materials used. They do not take into account the height of a person or the individual relief.

The key to HellaRoller is an expandable core that enables the user to set the roles closer or further apart. Twist and pull the core to separate the roller wheels. The muscles are rolled out on one of three interchangeable wheels: Standard, Precision and Rocky. Standard wheels provide a firm, but cushioned, flat surface for normal rolling requirements. The patented precision wheels have a raised ridge for deeper pressure, and the Rocky wheels are heavily textured to penetrate the muscles. Each wheel attaches to the core with a simple click, and additional wheels can be added to create larger surfaces.

Each HellaRoller comes with an expandable core and two standard roller wheels and can be pre-ordered from US $ 60. The Precision and Rocky reels are available as add-ons starting at $ 29. To learn more and to pre-order, visit pr.go2.fund/hellaroller.

About HellaRoller

HellaRoller believes that severe pain needs the right tools to achieve relief. Whether from injury or pain associated with poor posture, muscle rolling is an effective way to feel better. HellaRoller was developed as the answer to the one size fits all “all” foam rollers on the market. With an expandable core, the interchangeable roller wheels relieve stress where it is needed and leave space for the spine. Please visit https://hellaroller.com/ for more information.

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SPR Therapeutics Closes $ 37M in Growth Capital Financing for Commercial Expansion of Its … | Your money

CLEVELAND, Oct. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – SPR Therapeutics, a privately held medical device company focused on providing pain relief for patients without opioids or surgery, announced today that it has received $ 37 million in oversubscribed Series D growth capital funding recorded. The investment will be used to accelerate the rapidly growing commercial adoption of its FDA-cleared SPRINT® Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) system, fund additional clinical research, and advance next generation technology.

SPR’s SPRINT PNS System is a 60-day treatment designed to be used early in the treatment continuum to provide significant and sustained pain relief and quality of life improvement. In the past year, the speed of use of the SPRINT PNS system has more than doubled and has now treated over 6,500 patients.

SPR is a leader in PNS, with the largest clinical evidence and over 200 issued and pending patents. Multicenter clinical studies show clinically significant improvements in pain, function and quality of life, as well as lower opioid use compared to placebo in the treatment of chronic and acute pain. To date, these studies have produced more than 30 peer-reviewed publications supporting use for lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and neuropathic pain in amputees.

Revelation Partners led the financing with additional investments from River Cities Capital and Mutual Capital Partners.

“We are very excited to lead this growth financing as SPR fits right in with our focus on commercial-stage healthcare companies with a unique offering in areas of high growth potential and significant unmet need,” said Scott Halsted, Founder and Managing Partner at Revelation Partners. “This funding will help the company continue on its strong growth path to bring this treatment to more patients in need.”

“This additional funding will enable us to accelerate the already strong adoption of our SPRINT PNS system in the interventional pain management community,” said Maria Bennett, CEO, President and Founder of SPR Therapeutics. “There is a clear interest on the part of doctors and patients in avoiding the use of opioids and permanent implants if possible. Our goal is to ensure that all patients have access to our SPRINT system as an effective, non-opioid treatment. “

SVB Leerink was the exclusive financial advisor to SPR in this transaction. The company’s equity funding was complemented by non-dilutive, highly competitive grant and contract funding from federal agencies.

About the SPRINT® PNS System The SPRINT® PNS System from SPR® Therapeutics marks an innovative change in pain management. Our groundbreaking 60-day restorative treatment is a First-Line ™ PNS option specifically designed to recondition the central nervous system to provide significant and sustained relief from chronic pain – without permanent implants, nerve damage or addiction. The system has been extensively tested for lower back pain, shoulder pain, post-amputation pain, and chronic and acute post-operative pain and is approved for a period of use of up to 60 days. Recognized by leading pain management centers, this breakthrough neuromodulation treatment offers a patient-preferred alternative to more invasive options.

For more information on safety and effectiveness, please visit http://www.SprintPNS.com.

About SPR Therapeutics, Inc. SPR Therapeutics is a privately held medical device company that provides patients with a non-opioid, minimally invasive pain management option. Our SPRINT® PNS System addresses a critical unmet need for a drug-free, surgical option for the millions of people suffering from chronic pain. Backed by the largest clinical evidence, SPR has shown commercial demand in untapped markets for peripheral (shoulder and knee) and back pain, creating an incredibly strong foundation for commercial growth. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH and with offices in Chapel Hill, NC and Minneapolis, MN, SPR’s senior management team “lives by providing a minimally invasive drug and surgical solution to their acute and chronic pain.

More information is available at http://www.SPRTherapeutics.com.

About Revelation Partners Revelation Partners offers flexible capital solutions for the healthcare ecosystem. These bespoke solutions provide liquidity, align shareholders and support the growth of private healthcare companies. With decades of investment experience, extensive industry expertise, an extensive industry network and more than 900 million US dollars in committed capital, Revelation Partners is a trustworthy partner for healthcare companies, investors, founders and funds. Further information can be found at: http://www.revelation-partners.com.

SPR contacts: Mark Stultz Senior Vice President mstultz@sprtherapeutics.com 612.770.0390 Dave Folkens PR contact dfolkens@sprtherapeutics.com 612.978.6547

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The Johnston Chiropractic Health Center is closing its doors on allegations of sexual assault and protests

The sign on the front of the Johnston Chiropractic Health Center is inviting.

The purpose of our clinic is to support as many people as possible in their pursuit of health and educate them about chiropractic so that they in turn can train others.

On the sidewalk across the street, Rebekka Williamson, 24, held up a sign on October 11th that tells a different story: “Coercion is not consent.”

“I felt uncomfortable, I felt uncomfortable, but I trusted his professional opinion and I trusted his practice,” said Williamson. “I trusted him.”

The chiropractic center at 1405 NW 13th St. was permanently closed on October 11th on charges of sexual abuse against 67-year-old owner John Johnston.

Between November 2020 and January 2021, a patient accused Johnston of sexual assault under the guise of medical treatment, according to a Florida Department of Health report.

She visited the office under Johnston’s care about nine times for treatment for migraines and hip pain, the report said. In January, the victim went to her final appointment where she was taken to a private room to change into boxer shorts in front of Johnston.

According to the report, Johnston went under the victim’s clothing and touched her breasts and genitals.

Johnston would become flirtatious every time the victim visited, especially the last, the report said.

“What do you think we should do about it,” said Johnston in a suggestive tone, according to the report.

The victim dressed again while Johnston was in the room. That day she reported the sexual misconduct to the Gainesville Police Department.

On March 19, Johnston was charged with molesting an adult. Later on June 28, Johnston State banned the treatment of female patients. He is still allowed to treat male customers.

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Johnston was due to appear in court on October 26th. He did not return requests for comments after five phone calls between October 11 and October 14.

As the research progressed, more and more of Johnston’s patients have shared their experiences under his medical care.

Catherine Music, a 42-year-old UF Health employee, went to an appointment at Johnston’s office over seven years ago and said she advised anyone thinking of chiropractic treatment to look elsewhere.

Like the victim in the report, Music was taken to a private room and asked if he could adjust her hips. Agreeing, Music didn’t realize that his hands were under her underwear.

She felt hurt. As he adjusted her upper body, his hands cupped her breasts.

“I should have just got up and walked away, but when you’re in these surroundings you wonder, is that right?” She said. “You know he’s a doctor, so your brain goes in every direction.”

She wonders if she would have returned, if he would have gone on. She never gave him a next time.

Music said the sacrifice may have decreased because she could have paid for multiple sessions at the same time. If she had, she might have been more inclined to return even if the chiropractor made her feel injured.

Protest organizer Rebekka Williamson recalls walking into Johnston’s office for the first time in 2015 and feeling overwhelmed.

That year Williamson was in a car accident and injured his back. After being mentored by Johnston, she said she had begun to question his know-it-all.

She came from a family of doctors and trusted his professional opinion and found it necessary for him to practice under her clothing. In the case of new caregivers, she realized too late that her adjustments could have been made through clothing.

Williamson had Johnston’s medical treatment four times a week for a year. In the past two years, she said she had visited the office less than ten times.

Six years later, Williamson’s pain has gotten worse.

“I really believed that the pain I was having was just so much more than it could heal,” she said. “I was very confident that it wasn’t working because of my body, not because of its lack of care.”

On October 11, Williamson, her fiance, and another protester created signs to protest Johnston’s continued medical care for three purposes: to publicize Johnston’s indicted concerns, to revoke his chiropractic license and to send Johnston to jail.

Encouraging horns made them raise their posters higher.

Thirty minutes after the October 11th protests began, a text message was sent to all patients at Johnston Chiropractic Health Center informing them of the closure of the office and the opening of a new chiropractic facility, Florida Spine & Injury, 7545 West University Ave. Suite A and owned by James Worthington.

Worthington, who worked with Johnson in the same office, said he was unaware of Johnston’s alleged abuse. Worthington said his new company has no connection with Johnston.

After Worthington found out about the allegations against Johnston, he left the office.

Worthington thought Johnston might be a little too friendly with customers, even flirting, but he never saw himself venturing into the sexual assault realm. After reading the report, he stands by the victim’s side.

Isabelle Gonzalez, a 19-year-old UF biology student, said she had a good experience with the office staff and Worthington in September after her back pain increased that year.

“He was very respectful,” said Gonzalez. “He always explained to me everything he did before he did it and asked me how I felt throughout the experience to make sure nothing hurts.”

Gonzalez remembers lying on her back with her shirt rolled up. Worthington proceeded to slide her shirt back on and continue his chiropractic treatment. Her positive experience continued on her three visits where she said that any adjustment was made over the clothing.

Gonzalez can’t imagine returning to the office if Johnston was somehow involved. She is considering going to Worthington’s new practice because of her positive experience with him.

Nicole Montgomery, a 40-year-old Gainesville resident, was the third protester in the office. She was never treated by Johnston’s facility, but after hearing about the sexual assault allegations, her own memories came back.

Words like “sexual assault of the crime” and “sexual abuse of the patient” circled the mug shot of Johnston on her sign.

“It really annoys me that someone thinks that in a position of authority and power and with confidence they can do physical and emotional harm,” she said. “It takes a lot of trust for someone to be so vulnerable to a stranger … he swears he’ll do no harm.”

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EW Nutrition launches Ventar D, the next generation gut health optimizer

VISBEK, Germany, Oct 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – EW Nutrition announces the launch of a world-class, next-generation gut health modifier. Ventar D is an innovative proprietary blend of phytomolecules with a novel delivery mechanism.

Ventar D meets the most important requirements of the animal nutrition industry. The product is designed to support gut health and improve performance, resulting in increased profitability for the customer. Ventar D is the result of an integrated collaborative effort by the research, development, production, sales and service teams at EW Nutrition.

Michael Gerrits, Managing Director EW Nutrition, emphasizes the success of the company’s holistic research and development processes: “EW Nutrition has set itself the goal of delivering first-class solutions for intestinal health in order to reduce the dependence of the animal nutrition industry on antibiotics – deep understanding of customer needs, a 100% backwards integrated approach enables seamless support from EW Nutrition throughout the customer journey. “

Ruturaj Patil, Product Manager Ventar D at EW Nutrition, talks about the benefits Ventar D offers its customers: “The effectiveness of any effective solution for intestinal health lies in its formulation, stability and delivery in the gastrointestinal tract. Ventar D offers a proprietary formulation, excellent pelleting stability and an innovative delivery system. We are excited to offer our customers this novel solution and to be part of their journey to make animal production more sustainable while increasing profitability at the same time. ”

Further information can be found at https://ew-nutrition.com/animal-nutrition/products/ventar-d/.

About EW Nutrition

EW Nutrition offers animal nutrition solutions for the feed industry. The company’s focus is on gut health, supported by other product lines. EW Nutrition researches, develops, manufactures, sells, and services most of the products it markets. In 50 countries, key accounts are looked after directly by EW Nutrition’s own staff.

Pia Becker
[email protected]
+49 (0) 4445-9868174

SOURCE EW Nutrition GmbH

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Indian and US armies begin exercise Yudh Abhyas 2021

350 employees of the 7th MADRAS Infantry Battalion Group of the Indian Army. Credit: Department of Defense / Press Information Office / Government of India.

The Indian and US armies have started the joint military exercise Yudh Abhyas 2021 at the joint base in Elmendorf Richardson in Alaska, USA.

The 14-day bilateral exercise is designed to enable the exchange of knowledge, ideas and concepts between the two military personnel. It focuses on improving cohesion and interoperability.

U.S. forces participating in Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2021 include the First Squadron (Airborne) of the 40th

A total of 300 US Army soldiers and 350 Indian Army soldiers are taking part in the exercise.

The joint training exercise includes counterinsurgency / counter-terrorism activities under the mandate of the United Nations (UN).

In a statement, the Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated that the exercise will allow both armies to increase awareness of the situation.

The MoD said, “This will help them conduct joint battalion-level operations in mountainous terrain with cold climates as part of the United Nations.”

The 17th edition of the exercise takes place alternately between the two countries.

In February of this year, an earlier version of the exercise was conducted at the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.

Exercise Yudh Abhyas has been promoting collaboration between the two countries since 2004 by sharing training, cultural exchanges and building common operational skills.

In September 2018, the Indian and US armies started the joint military exercise Yudh Abhyas 2018 in Chaubattia in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Separately, the Indian Ministry of Defense announced the completion of the 8th edition of the joint military exercise Mitra Shakti between the Indian Army and the Sri Lankan Army.


International armored group

Armored vehicles, armored ambulances, APCs, MRAPs and anti-riot vehicles for commercial and tactical applications


High frequency swivel joints and hybrid solutions


International armored group

Armored vehicles, armored ambulances, APCs, MRAPs and anti-riot vehicles for commercial and tactical applications



High frequency swivel joints and hybrid solutions


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