Joint (JYNT) Falls 3.76% for Sep 24

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JYNT – market data & news


Today Joint Corp Inc (NASDAQ: JYNT) stock fell $ 3.98, down 3.76%. Joint opened at $ 104.77 before trading between $ 105.31 and $ 97.80 throughout the Friday session. The activity caused Joint’s market cap of 251,818 shares to drop to $ 1,466,360,568 – above its 30-day average of 151,642.

About Joint Corp

The Joint Corp. revolutionized access to chiropractic when she launched her retail business model for healthcare in 2010. Today, the company makes convenient, affordable, quality care convenient and affordable for millions of patients seeking pain relief and lasting wellbeing, while eliminating the need for insurance. With nearly 600 locations across the country and over eight million patient visits annually, The Joint is a leader in the chiropractic industry. The Joint Chiropractic is an innovative force where healthcare meets retail.

Visit Joint Corp’s profile for more information.

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DoorDash grocery delivery company will now support the delivery of beer, wine and spirits in 20 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Australia.

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The Federal Reserve is reviewing the ethical guidelines that govern the financial holdings and activities of its senior officials after it recently announced that two regional Fed presidents had done extensive business over the past year.

Via the Nasdaq Stock Exchange

The Nasdaq Stock Market is a leading global provider of trading data and services, as well as the listing of stocks and options. Nasdaq is the world’s leading exchange for option volumes and is home to the five largest US companies – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook.

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