Purchase the Beckham Hotel Collection pillow set for $ 40

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Sleeping with a cooling pillow before bed can work wonders – especially when it’s so hot outside. Why? Temperature is one of the most important sleep factors in determining how well you doze, according to the National Sleep Foundation. So if you feel too warm, you will likely turn around for hours. Because of this, thousands of people are looking for cool bedding that will save the day (and night), like the Beckham Hotel Collection pillow set that is equally comfortable, breathable and affordable.

For the price, you wouldn’t believe how comfortable the set feels. Over 90,600 Amazon shoppers love the Beckham Hotel Collection and believe this is the best pillow as it offers the softness of a down-like filling with the support of a memory foam pillow. And dozens of people credit the cooling pad for curing their back and shoulder pain, saying, “For the price of one tank of fuel, your neck will thank you!”

“I have neck and back problems and I find it difficult to find a pillow that will help relieve the pain,” writes an Amazon buyer. “They are great. They provide great support while maintaining a little ‘give’, which is particularly helpful as I’m a side sleeper. I am very happy with it!”

Unlike other memory foam pillows, which tend to retain heat, the “hotel quality” set is made with cooling gel fibers to give you that coveted responsive, padded feeling without sweating.

In addition, the cover is made of breathable cotton – the best summer fabric ever – which also helps regulate your body temperature to prevent overheating. In fact, one reviewer claims the pillows feel like “you are” [lying] on a cloud “while others say the set stays” surprisingly cool “without having to” turn around to find the cold side “.

You will also love that the cooling gel pillows keep their impressive loft night after night thanks to their no-shift design for an evenly distributed filling. Read: Puffing up the pillow is obsolete. And after repeated use, you are welcome to throw the gel cushion in the laundry!

“I absolutely love these pillows,” writes another buyer. “I spent hundreds on branded memory foam pillows that couldn’t relieve my neck pain – these pillows made that pain go away instantly. I was so impressed with how they felt that I bought two more … I found these pillows to be incredibly comfortable, durable and still feel great after a year of use. “

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