Does CBD Oil Harm Our Kidneys?

Medical cannabis has caused sensational reactions around the world thanks to its magical health benefits. Various countries have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis and its extracts such as CBD.

The UK’s CBD laws have also recently changed. The government in England and Wales has allowed private doctors and NHS institutions to prescribe “cannabis-based medicines”. People with certain ailments can be given CBD-infused medication or medicinal cannabis if prescribed by a doctor in the NHS. Adults can now buy and consume CBD oil and CBD gums made from hemp plants in the UK. In the UK, CBD received its legalization back in 2018. Since then, adults of all ages, including retirees, have enjoyed this wonder drug. As of March 31, 2021, CBD retailers must also have applied for and purchased a Novel Foods License with the Foods Standards Agency to ensure that more UK consumers are buying quality products.

However, using CBD oils for health is a comparatively new concept that makes many people skeptical. You have unanswered questions about the side effects, one of the most common: does it damage the kidneys?

In this article we will try to find out if CBD oil poses a threat to our kidneys.

CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants and has many medicinal benefits. Studies suggest that CBD can benefit our health in a number of ways and is also able to improve the conditions associated with many complex health problems, both psychological and physical. As a result, CBD supplements have become immensely popular for health reasons.

What effects does CBD have on our kidneys?

When consumed, CBD mixes with your bloodstream and can reach different parts of your body and the receptors that are present. This has led many people to worry about how it might affect kidney function (or if it has any effect at all).

Well, in that regard, studies conducted have not produced conclusive results – there are no such results to suggest negative effects of CBD on the kidneys (source). However, this could be a cause for concern when we talk about the “quality” of the CBD product purchased.

Organically grown pure cannabis is nutritious. But low-quality or fake weed is very likely contaminated and can affect your general well-being, and not just your kidneys. So before you buy CBD oil, you need to ensure the quality of the cannabis it is made from.

Kidney failure refers to cases when the kidney can no longer filter the waste products in your body. The buildup of toxins can cause serious health problems. It is believed that poor quality cannabis may contain impurities that have undesirable effects and even affect normal kidney function. Consuming poor quality foods, beverages, or medicines that contain contaminants is likely to be dangerous to your general health and should therefore be strictly avoided whenever possible.

So what’s the final verdict?

Well, there’s still no conclusive evidence that CBD oil affects a healthy person’s kidneys (source). However, you must first consult the doctor and buy from authorized pharmacies or outlets in the UK to ensure that you are getting only high quality and original CBD products.

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