What are the benefits of a tailbone pillow?

Do you experience severe and stabbing pain near your tailbone when you stand up or sit in a chair?

(Newswire.net – July 20, 2021) – Do you experience severe, sharp pain near your tailbone when you stand up or sit in a chair? If so, you may have tailbone pain.

The tailbone is commonly referred to as the tailbone and is a crucial part of your skeletal system. Its function is to support and balance your weight while in a seated position.

Long periods of sitting in a chair, falls, or even pregnancy can put stress on the tailbone. Don’t worry – recovery is easy and doesn’t require you to stop living your life! A tailbone pillow is what you need to keep your tailbone stress free.

What is a tailbone pillow?

Tailbone pillows are wedge-shaped and have a notch cut where your tailbone rests. The structure of this pillow helps relieve your body’s pressure on the tailbone. You can use this pillow anytime you are in a sitting position and watch your tailbone slowly heal.

Benefits of a coccyx pillow

Relief from pain

In severe cases, the very act of standing up and sitting down can make you cry out in pain. This happens when you use a regular pillow instead of a tailbone pillow as a support for a long time. By using a tailbone pillow, you reduce the stress on your tailbone so that it doesn’t hurt as much even after an hour of desk work.

Improved blood circulation

Do you get up from your seat and have to wait for the blood to flow back into your legs before you can move? Happened to all of us. The amazing thing is that the tailbone pillow solves this problem too. No more waiting for the feeling to return to your legs!


The tailbone pillow is designed with a non-slip base to prevent the user and pillow from sliding down and injuring themselves even more. This non-slip rubber is compatible with most types of chairs and seats you will encounter. Removal is also easy – and some inflatable models fit easily in a backpack, so you can sit comfortably anywhere.

Heal while you work

The tailbone pillow has a versatile design that allows you to adapt it to any seat you want. This helps speed the healing process without resting and leaving the office. You can also continue to enjoy life without pain or discomfort – and stay productive and focused.

Support for good posture

When you use a coccyx pillow, your hips assume a natural position. This position keeps pressure low by distributing the weight evenly across the lower back and hips. After a few days of use, you will soon notice better posture when sitting, standing and walking.

Allow yourself to sit cool

When you sit in a seat for a long time, the seat tends to absorb your body heat. Which in turn is uncomfortable for you. It’s preventable by getting up regularly, but only when you are at home. When you are in a meeting, you must be uncomfortable for the duration of the meeting.

Some tailbone pillows come with a gel-infused layer or mesh cover to keep your seat cool. The seat absorbs heat but also keeps it away from the body. This allows you to concentrate on your work and the topic of the meeting.

Easy to clean

The coccyx pillow comes with an extremely hard-wearing outer cover with a lifetime guarantee. It is safe to machine wash and dry.

Post-pregnancy care

The mother needs most rest in the first weeks and months after giving birth. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the tailbone, lower back, and hip area. Although the body can cope with the pressure, it also needs rest after the birth.

This is where a tailbone pillow can provide instant pain relief. The pillow can be used during rest periods and even while breastfeeding.

Fractures and orthopedic diseases

Orthopedic problems like sciatica, spinal misalignments, herniated discs, and nerve pain can take time to heal – as can broken or broken bones. If they are in other parts of the body, it may be easier to heal. However, if it’s located in your lower back, you could become frustrated by the restrictions it places on you – these generally limit your mobility and lead to sores and pain.

Treatment can be long term, but it doesn’t have to be terrible. Using a tailbone pillow supports your lower back and prevents the nerves from becoming inflamed and irritated.

Final thoughts

If you are perfectly healthy and worried about spinal injuries, consider using a tailbone pillow. The cushion is comfortable, but also compact and can be easily attached to any seat.

Spinal problems can slumber for years before they suddenly pop up – get a tailbone pillow today and protect your back from further damage.

What are the benefits of a tailbone pillow? Find more on: https://www.americanchiropractors.org

from American Chiropractors Directory and News – Feed https://www.americanchiropractors.org/sciatica/what-are-the-benefits-of-a-tailbone-pillow/

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