Peloton is working on a game for their connected exercise bike

Peloton is a playful training. The maker of premium exercise bikes and treadmills is experimenting with creating video games that it believes could be powerful motivators to get riders through a workout.

The company used a blog post to describe its first title called Lanebreak. Somewhat comparable to Guitar Hero, in Lanebreak the players are challenged to adjust and maintain both their resistance and their cadence according to the cues that are flying towards them on a virtual track.

On the way, the drivers avoid obstacles by turning the resistance knob to “change” lanes to the left or right, all with the aim of scoring the highest score. It is likely that peloton riders will be able to compete against each other, as with the ranking function of their classes, if only for a high score and not in real time.

How Peloton’s Lanebreak game should look like. Peloton

Gamification – Peloton describes Lanebreak as an experiment it tests with a small number of customers. The next phase of his job is to gather feedback on the game on a larger scale.

It’s not clear when the company will make games more widely available. But gamification could help drivers get a workout as they would be rewarded for their actions in real time, using all the typical elements of the game such as scoring and competition with others. The idea is that hopefully a driver’s thoughts of exhaustion will be outweighed by a desire to beat his friends on the leaderboards.

New Motivators – In creating Lanebreak, Peloton experimented with motivators ranging from social cooperation to competition. The more users can ride it the better, as that increases the likelihood that they will continue to pay their $ 39 monthly subscription fee. Peloton recently added new scenic rides and is constantly working to expand its offering, further differentiate it from its competitors, and motivate users to return.

Peloton saw a huge surge in demand during the pandemic, with sales of its $ 2,000 bike so high that the company suffered months of delays in deliveries to customers. Peloton’s sales reached an all-time high of $ 1 billion in the first quarter of the year.

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