Florence Frau says nurses at the emergency clinic disrespected her and made fun of her name during the visit

FLORENCE, Ala. – A woman from Florence said she went to the Express Med Urgent Care Center for back pain but left with emotional pain after she said the nurses openly disrespected her during a July 1 visit.

“I usually go to Express Med; Up until this incident, of course, I had never had a problem, ”said MaCara Woods. “I went in there and the staff was very rude from the start.”

Once in an exam room, Woods said a nurse came out briefly and left the door open. Woods added that she and her mother, who was with her on the visit, began to hear the staff try to pronounce her name – but in a joking way.

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“We only heard laughter,” said Woods. “They went through my paperwork and I heard, ‘Oh what’s her name? Is it mocka rock? Is it Macarena? ‘ And then they started singing the Macarena song. “

Outraged by the experience, Woods called the clinic later that day to speak to a manager. She said she told the supervisor that she believed her actions were borderline racist because the nurses were white.

During the call, Woods said, “I just want you to bring this to their attention. The way it happened was racist. “

The supervisor replied, “I’m sure you didn’t mean it, but I will make sure that you are aware of feelings and the like.”

The Florence Police are looking for someone of interest in the shoplifting case

Woods said she wanted to know that the clinic staff would be held responsible for the incident, but she said she hadn’t heard anything.

The racial justice organization Project Say Something has also stepped in, writing an open letter to the clinic saying that the staff are unprofessional and problematic given the history of racism in the healthcare sector.

You are demanding accountability and transparency from the leadership of Express Med.

News 19 reached out to Express Med, but a manager declined to comment.

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