The exercise to identify vacancies is picking up speed

The exercise to finalize the strengths of cadres in various departments took off when the finance department held a one-day crucial meeting with special chief secretaries, chief secretaries, department heads and other senior officials on Sunday.

To intensify their efforts to determine the sanctioned strength in each department and the exact number of employees currently employed, departments have been asked to provide comprehensive lists of permanent employees and vacancies, as well as those who work in them on a contract / outsourcing basis , to create.

Chief Finance Minister K. Ramakrishna Rao is tasked with gathering information from the departments so that a central database can be created on the existing vacancies. This would allow the government to announce the hiring plan from time to time.

The development follows Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s recent announcement of the government’s intention to fill 50,000 vacancies in various departments. The Prime Minister said that in the first phase, the filling of direct recruitment positions should be ensured as a priority, followed by a focus on vacancies that arose after the promotion of the existing employees.

Senior officials said it would take time to prepare the required lists as the services would need to identify the regular and contract / outsourced staff in their area of ​​responsibility in order to obtain an accurate number in relation to the sanctioned strength. “It is still being done. The work is in progress, ”replied a senior official who knew about the exercise when asked if there has been any result so far.

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