Innerme launches new US website for organic-based plants

BOCA RATON, July 8, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Innerme, a 100 percent plant-based sports nutrition company, announced the official launch of its new US website this week.

“We developed a website just for our American consumers,” said Dirk Baelus, founder and CEO of Innerme, the Belgium-based sports, health and wellness company. “The website contains information about our products and our history.”

Innerme’s sports nutrition products are part of Baelus’ life story.

“I used to run a pub, work late nights, smoke, drink beer and lead an unhealthy life,” he said. “But in 2009 I did my first triathlon in Hawaii and completed it, which changed everything.”

After Hawaii, Baelus realized that he needed to eat healthier.

“Plant-based foods are the healthiest diet I’ve found,” he added.

Baelus eventually finished 26 triathlons, closed his pub, and started a sports nutrition company based on the recipes he developed for himself.

The Innerme story doesn’t end there.

In 2013, Hall of Fame tennis star Kim Clijsters found Innerme products at a local health food store.

“I’ve been at a personal time in my life looking for really good, healthy food. I traveled the world, tried different products and just never found what I was looking for, ”she said.

“The Innerme products were a perfect fit right from the start,” added Clijsters. “You have helped me with my stamina and recovery. Knowing that I had such a strong and high quality product was a huge relief – I knew my diet was covered. “

Clijsters later met Dirk at a nutrition event where he taught a cooking class.

“I was thrilled when Kim, a Hall of Fame tennis player, told me she loved our products,” said Baelus. “It didn’t take long to bring Kim into our family as an ambassador and investor.”

The most popular Innerme products are available to American consumers on Amazon:

  • ISO energy drink for before, during or after training. ISO Energy Drink is a pure and natural sports drink for all ages. It is a healthy organic thirst quencher with high quality ingredients such as rice, agave, Celtic sea salt and freeze-dried fruits. The drink also provides a high dose of vitamin C from rose hip and acerola.
  • Protein Mix Chocolate for recovery after training. The Innerme Protein Mix is ​​a high-protein, plant-based food that can help you build muscle and regenerate after training. It provides all of the essential amino acids you need. The mixture is easy to digest and has a delicious, natural taste.
  • Energy bar for before, during, after training or as a snack. This apple-cinnamon-flavored bar is delicious, easy to digest, and provides quick and long-lasting energy. It’s 100 percent natural and 100 percent vegan with no refined sugar or fructose. The ingredients include rice syrup, puffed rice, sesame seeds, rice protein, pea protein, apple, cinnamon and sea salt. It may contain traces of gluten and nuts.

Innerme products only contain ingredients that are pure, powerful and organic. They also contain no refined sugar and are vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

The product launch coincides with consumers who are more health conscious than ever.

“The pandemic has forced people to think about their health,” said Baelus. “People today are realizing that a plant-based diet is a healthier diet than the fried foods and sugary sodas they consumed.”

Last year, Natural Products Insider reported that the use of supplements for exercise was increasing, especially plant-based foods.

“I’ve been campaigning for a plant-based life for 12 years,” said Baelus. “The rest of the world is catching up with us.”

You can follow Innerme on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

For more information on Innerme’s organic energy bars, energy drinks and protein blends, visit or purchase the products at and

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