Texarkana Nutrition 21 Day Challenge begins Monday July 5th July


Texarkana Nutrition is hosting a new 21-day challenge starting Monday 5th July for anyone looking to make a personal change in their nutrition and health travel. Everyone who takes part receives a personal coach and a free body analysis. This body analysis helps you identify and determine the best ways to optimize your health goals, as well as access to a community of others working toward similar health and wellness goals.

“The challenge is free for anyone who signs up, but they have to buy their own products to make at home, or they can come by every day and get their shakes and teas from us,” says Tonja Hodde, owner of Texarkana Nutrition. The 21-Day Challenge gives participants a community of others in the US to discuss their accomplishments, recipes, and achievements on a daily basis, as well as the chance to win a cash prize at the end of the challenge. “Last month we were able to give away $ 900 among several winners,” says Hodde. “This challenge is much more than just a way to make money, it is an opportunity for anyone who wants to take control of their health journey, learn and gain experience, coaching and support, ”says Hodde.

Angel Barnes has lost over 66.4 pounds since September

Everyone who takes part in the challenge will receive a personal coach from their local nutrition center, where they will register. They then receive a body analysis from their coach, which can show them exactly what is going on in their body and shows their coaches how they can better support the participant depending on the needs of their body. “The body analysis shows the participants how much protein their body needs per day, how many calories your body needs to burn off a day, how much fluid intake you need, as well as your metabolic age and body fat percentage and weight. This information enables us to develop a program based on our products that best suits the participants in losing weight, building muscle and much more, ”says Hodde. Challenge participants come by weekly and have a check-in where their personal coaches can track progress and make changes to their program to optimize health goals.

“The challenge is also coached in a private app, Telegram, in which participants can join a community of all participants in the US. You can post recipes, questions, comments and more in the app. It’s a great tool for those who want to take on that responsibility while building relationships with others who are like-minded in their health goals, ”says Hodde. “Your health is physical, mental and spiritual. To be as successful as possible, it is important to have a group to support you. Others inspire others. This is not just a place to go to lose weight. It is also a path to physical, mental and spiritual transformation for those who are trying to lose weight, want to get healthy, and for those trying to maintain their weight loss, ”says Hodde.

Tara Skinner over 200lbs

If you want to participate, you can register at one of the following nutrition centers: Texarkana diet, Summerhill Diet, and Richmond Road Diet.

Texarkana Nutrition is located at 1024 Arkansas Blvd, Texarkana, AR 71854. Hours of operation are 5:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.


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