Significant acceptance in chiropractic after Covid

Chiropractors in Auckland have seen an increase in patients seeking chiropractic treatment on New Zealand’s shores since the Covid-19 pandemic last year. Two main causes of this increase are more people working from home and increased levels of stress in general.

Office rooms are usually better equipped to offer employees ergonomic support, as they usually provide employees with good seating, lighting, work and movement areas. The move to working from home has meant that many people who do not have a fully equipped home office now have to settle for less ergonomic options such as sitting at a dining table or a less comfortable office chair.

This has resulted in more people suffering from joint pain related to poor posture, headaches, and general stiffness. These issues have been further linked to increased levels of stress during the pandemic caused by months of incarceration, navigating new work environments, and general emotional distress, which has resulted in more patients using the services of chiropractors.

While chiropractic treatment remains controversial, there is evidence that a well trained and qualified chiropractor can relieve back and neck pain, relieve excessive tension in the body, relieve headaches, and improve overall posture. The associated pain and stress relief can, in turn, promote overall health and wellbeing. A good chiropractor is likely to complement their treatments with other helpful alternatives such as acupuncture, tai chi, or other forms of maintenance and stretching. One caveat when looking for chiropractic treatment is that a patient shouldn’t have any underlying problems such as osteoporosis, cancer of the bones or joints, or the like.

Given the side effects of long-term pain medication use and the negative health effects of leaving the pain untreated, as well as the additional costs associated with regular doctor visits or even surgery, chiropractic treatment can be a generally safe and beneficial alternative for many foreigners.

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