Navamedic: Treating the side effects of the pandemic

8 in 10 have at least one type of musculoskeletal pain. In fact, it is the world’s largest contributor to disability. In the pandemic, back and neck pain have become a growing health problem as a result of the more sedentary lifestyle. Navamedic is relaunching ThermaCare® to make people aware of this drug-free alternative for pain relief.

Musculoskeletal pain is often the result of muscle tension and overexertion, psychological stress or work postures, often in combination with a sedentary lifestyle. Low back pain is extremely common, affecting 30-40% of adults in the general population at any point in time. The prevalence is in the 15-20% range for neck pain and shoulder pain. The pandemic has led to an increase in back and neck pain.

“There are mutliple reasons for this. First, when working from home, people move less than normal. Daily and varied physical activity is the key to preventing and recovering from musculoskeletal pain. Second, psychological distress has increased during the pandemic, which can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain. After all, working from home in a less ergonomic facility in the kitchen or living room can lead to musculoskeletal pain over time, “said Astrid T. Bratvedt, Chief Scientific Officer.

This spring, Navamedic launched ThermaCare® with a new communication concept and websites in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. ThermaCare® is an effective and long-lasting pain relief for muscles and joints that uses heat rather than medication. The product is designed for quick relief by providing up to 16 hours of effective pain relief and helping people stay active in their daily lives.

“Musculoskeletal pain is a major health problem that affects the quality of life of the vast majority of the population. As a health problem, it deserves more attention and we have seen the need for more knowledge. We will be available on the ThermaCare® website provide articles and interviews on this important topic as well as information about ThermaCare as an effective and drug-free pain reliever ”, concludes Astrid T. Bratvedt.

For more information, please contact:

Kathrine Gamborg Andreassen, CEO, Navamedic

Phone: +47 951 78 680


About ThermaCare®

ThermaCare® is a clinically proven medical product that uses a unique technology to provide effective, long-lasting pain relief for up to 16 hours. When the exact mixture of the components (iron, carbon, water, salt) is exposed to oxygen, an exothermic reaction occurs that generates heat at a constant temperature of 40 ° C for 8 hours. The constant heat blocks the pain signals to the brain resulting in effective pain relief for 8 hours while wearing and an additional 8 hours after removal. The application of heat relaxes sore muscles and increases blood flow, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the damaged tissues. ThermaCare® is available in two versions, one for the lower back and one for the neck and shoulder. More information can be found at

About Navamedic

Navamedic ASA is a Nordic pharmaceutical company and reliable provider of high quality products, delivered to hospitals and through pharmacies, that meet the specific needs of patients and consumers by leveraging its highly scalable market access platform, leading category expertise and local knowledge. Navamedic is represented in all Nordic countries, the Baltic States and the Benelux countries, with sales representatives in Great Britain and Greece. Navamedic is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: NAVA). Further information is available at,c3373691,c2929271–stressnakke,c2929275,c2929276

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