Dr. Livingood has published a brand new book on Daily Wellness

This is an effort aimed at helping more people experience real health despite the difficulties facing the American healthcare system.

The renowned wellness expert Dr. Livingood (as its real name is called) has published a book that looks at everyday wellbeing with simple ways people can improve their health. While it is available for purchase on Amazon, Dr. Livingood directs a limited number of copies to those who pay for shipping and handling. This is an effort aimed at helping more people experience real health despite the difficulties facing the American healthcare system.

Livingood’s book tells the stories of thousands of people he has personally worked with as they overcame adversity and worked to improve in smart and easy ways. These are inspired by a wealth of expertise and Dr. Livingood’s understanding of how small daily changes can have long-term effects. Livingood currently runs an inpatient clinic for nutritional support, chiropractic and more, and has since written several books to make his knowledge available to everyone.

One of Livingood’s success stories is Cindy G., who spent 90 days directly with Dr. Livingood worked together and was able to abandon her wheelchair, avoid a throat exam, stop 12 different medications, and lose 25 pounds at the same time. Krystal B. was able to stop several medications and relieve symptoms such as chest pain, depression, blood pressure problems and headaches. Livingood also worked with the US Olympic teams in 2012 and 2016, helping Obe Blanc fight for his dream of one day winning a gold medal.

Due to this limited availability, ‘Livingood Daily’ can be purchased at shipping costs that are lower than the price on Amazon. Livingood’s You’ve Gotta Be Crazy Guarantee guarantees that if you don’t like the book, your payment will be refunded and you can keep your copy of the book.

“As a doctor, I want to help people, of course, but of course I can’t put everyone in my local clinic,” said Livingood. “So I’ve written some books and I want to get them into as many hands as possible. This offer helps me sell the book at the lowest possible price, which means I won’t make any money with it, but I will be able to help those who really need it. “

Dr. Livingood runs a local clinic and is the author of several books, including Livingood Daily and Make Food Simple, which are Amazon bestsellers. In his work, he has helped countless patients experience real health without medication, all with disciplined and easy-to-care-for lifestyle choices. His website is available at livingooddaily.com.

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