Darien is launching a new device to treat migraine headaches

It looks like something out of Star Trek, but the purpose of the electronic device marketed by CEFALY Technology of Darien is to treat migraines.

Cefaly recently launched its latest version of an external trigeminal nerve stimulation device. The company’s device sends tiny electrical pulses through a self-adhesive electrode on the forehead to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, where migraines begin.

Depending on how the device is used, company representatives say it can be used to treat a migraine that has already started or to prevent future migraines.

The first version was approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration in 2017, according to Jennifer Trainor-McDermott, the company’s chief executive officer. The latest version, the CEFALY DUAL Enhanced, is now available over the counter and is “more intuitive,” said Trainor-McDermott.

“The new device is slightly larger and has LED lighting in different colors so you know which treatment mode you are in,” she said. “You can self-medicate for 20 minutes each day to prevent a migraine attack, or for an hour if you are in the middle of an attack.”

The benefit of using an external migraine treatment device instead of a drug “is that you don’t have to deal with any side effects of the drug,” said Trainor-McDermott.

The global market for drugs to treat migraines is very lucrative and is projected to reach $ 2.19 billion by 2025, according to Allied Market Research.

CEFALY is the US business unit of a Belgian company of the same name. The company’s US headquarters are located on Old Kings Highway 19 in Darien.

The device, which costs $ 379, is made overseas, according to Trainor-McDermott.


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