Local firefighters use abandoned building for training exercises | Local news

The abandoned building on the 100 block of Clinton Street was the location of the fire drill from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday.

Local firefighters from the Defiance, Noble Township, South Richland and Highland Township Fire Departments gathered for training on violent entry and ventilation techniques. Lt. Brandon Case, the Defiance Fire Department’s training officer, led the training, according to Assistant Fire Chief Tim Bowling.

One of the local firefighters was a young woman, Kelley Foor, of the South Richland Township Fire Department. When asked if there were any other women in the local fire departments, Bowling said Foor was the only female firefighter. She recently completed her training as a firefighter.

Entering the building from the back and front and cutting holes through the roof, the firefighters practiced various access techniques that could be used in an emergency.

When asked about the importance of this particular learning environment, Bowling said, “We don’t often train in a building that isn’t on fire. It allows firefighters to experiment with different techniques and work in a safer, more controlled environment without the stress and danger of a burning building. “

Bowling added, “The city has given us permission to train until July 5th.” After that, the city will begin preparations for the demolition of the buildings.

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