Group sizes for indoor, mask-off sports and exercise can resume from June 21st with two, Health News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Indoor sports and exercise activities with a mask may be resumed in groups of two people – after the previously announced groups of five – when the second phase of the reopening of the economy begins next Monday (June 21), the ministry said of Health (MOH) on Friday.

These measures have been tightened amid the emergence of a large Covid-19 cluster at the Bukit Merah View market and food center and other new Covid-19 cases.

The class sizes for such indoor activities without a mask are limited to 30 people including the instructor.

A safety distance of at least 2 m between individuals and 3 m between groups must also be observed.

Indoor activities with a mask on and outdoor activities without a mask may take place in groups of five with a maximum of 30 people per class, including the teacher.

All employees who work in gyms and fitness studios where customers are exposed undergo a regular 14-day Fast and Easy Tests (FET) program, which becomes mandatory from around mid-July.

MOH said it would “induce staff in these settings to the regular FET as soon as possible, starting with the use of rapid antigen tests”.

It added that these “higher risk activities” are likely to increase to group sizes of five from mid-July, “unless there is another superspreader event or large cluster”.

With these stricter measures, the government will extend the current Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) expansion for affected sectors by three weeks before reducing it to 10 percent for another two weeks.

Eligible fitness studios and fitness studios can currently claim a 50 percent wage subsidy under the JSS.

In its press release, MOH said, “The persistence of unlinked cases suggests that there are undiscovered cases in the community.

“Until we reach higher vaccination rates in our population, public health measures like testing, ring fences, and calibrated reopenings will continue to be our best defense against the virus.”

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