Good news for migraineurs – as easy as green light

Green light therapy is good for relieving migraine headache symptoms, Harvard says.

Harvard researchers find natural migraine relief with green light therapy – Pinkston News Service – June 15, 2021

(Washington, DC) – June marks the month of migraine and headache awareness raising. Thanks to Harvard researchers, narrow-band green light technology offers a glimmer of hope.

Approximately 40 million Americans suffer from migraines, which can cause debilitating pain. Employers lose more than $ 13 billion annually to lost workdays due to migraines. Pandemic-induced stress and anxiety appear to have exacerbated the problem.

Of the wide variety of treatment options available for migraineurs, most are ineffective, expensive, invasive, or all of the above. Thanks to Harvard neuroscientist Dr. However, Rami Burstein, a global leader in the science of migraines and headaches, found their research that a narrow band of green light can actually reduce headache symptoms in migraineurs.

This unique light creates smaller electrical signals in the brain than normal light and creates a calmer response and more positive emotions.

Research from the University of Arizona Health Sciences has reinforced the work of Dr. Burstein further confirmed.

A 2020 study by the University of Arizona found that daily exposure to narrow-band green light reduced the frequency, intensity, and severity of headaches in migraineurs by more than 60%, and also improved patients’ ability to work, exercise and doing household chores. Study participants spent one to two hours a day in a room lit only with white light for ten weeks, and then spent ten weeks doing the same with narrow-wave green light. During the weeks of being exposed to the green light, patients reported significant reductions in the level of pain and the duration of the headache, as well as a great improvement in their ability to sleep, work, and move around.

Fortunately for headache sufferers, devices that use this green light technology are already available in the commercial market, including a relatively inexpensive green light lamp that is developed and sold by a company called Allay.

Migraineurs are always eager to try anything that will help them manage this hereditary neurological disorder named one of the top 10 most disabilities by the World Health Organization. For these patients, green light technology could be a crucial factor in the fight against this disease.

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