Amazon opens one of its employee-only government health facilities in Brownstown | Companies

When Amazon was looking for locations to open pilot health centers exclusively for its employees in the metropolitan area, Brownstown Township landed on its radar.

From all the locations considered, Amazon picked three locations, and the community made the cut.

Amazon had a plan and aggressively pursued it.

The company partnered with Crossover Health to open Amazon Neighborhood Health Downriver on Dix-Toledo Road in 19901.

It’s colorful, fast-paced and its services are comprehensive.

The exclusive facility not only offers care for employees, but also includes the employees’ children and spouses.

Some of the services offered include: primary care, pediatric nursing, laboratory work, mental health services, physical therapy, same day nursing, chiropractic care, prescriptions and the list goes on.

Jay Edward, Practice Manager, Crossover Health, Detroit, stated that the waiting room

Intentionally cozy because the goal is that patients never overcrowd the space.

“There’s not a lot of waiting space here and that’s because we don’t have a long wait,” Edward said. “We pride ourselves on getting people out of this area within five minutes to actually see our vendors.”

Edward said that not only is it the frustrating days of waiting many people go through in setting up a doctor’s appointment, but it’s also quick to be seen.

He said appointments are usually available the next day and physical exams for a full hour-long exam are available within a few days.

“Access is very important to us,” he said. “We are open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., on weekends from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We did that especially with our partner Amazon because it is a 24/7 operation. We have people who work around the clock. Not all of them can arrive in this traditional 8 to 5 range on weekdays. We decided to make this available. “

As a result, Edward said that they would see people in different circumstances that they could not see.

There are doctors there for these hours.

Dr. Melanie Odeleye, doctor at Crossover, is impressed with the examination rooms and how they have been modernized to accommodate visitors.

Odeleye said a lot of time is spent at the information desk in the room to get to know the patient and learn who they are before looking into their medical profile.

“The exam part only gives us so much data,” said Odeleye. “It’s about really getting to know the individual, where the true richness of the relationship and clinical decision-making come into play. I want to know what works in your life as a t-ball coach or pastor or in two jobs and homeschooling your kids. These are the things that we want to elicit in this conversation. “

In her view, she said Amazon has a large number of employees and families and they need the help of Crossover to make them even healthier and more productive.

Patients no longer have to be weighed on a scale in the hallway while other patients walk past in view.

Here, patients are weighed in the privacy of the exam room and in a chair that is designed to determine their own weight and can serve as an examination chair for a full intimate physical exam.

The clinics were designed by doctors.

Two of the three founders were doctors and the first practicing providers.

“Amazon is the first to offer crossover, but also the first to bring this type of care to Michigan,” said Jessica Pawl, regional public relations for Amazon. “We are curious to see how open-minded the employees are and how they can make better use of the services. But because this is so new, many employees do not know that they exist. “

While there are other employers who offer an on-site doctor, Odeleye said that isn’t the full spectrum that Amazon offers.

A team is set up to recruit doctors who are full-time certified doctors.

Janelle Joyce, Physiotherapist at Crossover Health, explained how the room is designed for personalized attention.

She said she doesn’t have a large room where many patients vie for their time and attention.

“The time I have with my patients is dedicated to them,” said Joyce. “You are my focus. I don’t vacillate between patients. You shouldn’t get half from me when you’re here. “

She said the big component of her experience with patients is the education she can offer.

When someone comes in and needs to sit down and learn something about their body, she says she has the ability to deal with it. She said this is a huge void in the regular health world that she is bringing to the table.

The Brownstown pilot has been running since February and it’s working.

Emily Scheiber, Human Resources Business Partner, Amazon’s Romulus Fulfillment Center, and Donte Bolden, Employee Engagement Representative, are committed to vouching for the benefits over traditional healthcare.

Both say if faced with the choice of going to a health care provider near where they live or driving 20 miles or so to get to the crossover facility, they would go for the extra miles.

“I’ve used Crossover several times and it was a really great service for me, but I was also treated really great,” said Scheiber. “Every time I come here, I have this personal interaction and they treat me with dignity and care.”

Scheiber said she had a disease that sometimes requires immediate medical attention.

When she goes through a hospital emergency room, she says she knows she’ll have to wait three hours.

Taking advantage of the crossover benefits was a turning point for them.

She can now be seen quickly and also gets her recipes there.

The cost of a hospital visit versus a visit to the crossover facility is another great benefit for you and all employees.

Visits to the crossover facility cost about $ 45, and the atmosphere is calm and not chaotic, according to Scheiber.

“It was invaluable that I could take care of myself very quickly,” said Scheiber.

Bolden has had enough experience with one of the crossover investments that he said he recognized its value and the difference they made in his life.

“I can smile,” said Bolden. “When you deal with healthcare, sometimes you get into one subject and come out with another. With Crossover, you go in and come out a better person. In the last few years I have had many experiences where I simply hate going to the doctor. It’s very impersonal. Crossover and my doctor are two different worlds. “

Bolden said when he comes to Crossover he gets everything he needs in one place and doesn’t have to walk around town to get X-rays. He said everything is in one central place.

“There are so many things Crossover has to offer that it is a breeze not to use,” said Bolden.

He has already conducted interviews on the benefits of what Amazon and Crossover have brought to their employees.

Its reason is simple.

“I’m just a good news advocate,” he said.

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