How Businesses Avoid Crises with Successful Code of Conduct

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dvanced Medical Integration’s Chief Administrative Officer Andrew Steinwand on how a business code of conduct improves a company’s success and morale

This past year has shown the world just how volatile businesses can be. While some companies in the medical space have flourished in recent months during an international crisis, others have crumbled. How does a strong company culture in combination with codes of conduct and ethics help prevent or address potential crisis situations?

This kind of rapid expansion requires cooperation and collaboration from all employees. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, AMI has continued to see exponential growth. Of the keys to their success have been the work of their dedicated employees held together by steadfast company culture.

Andrew Steinwand, Advanced Medical Integration’s chief administrative officer, specializes in culture building and recruitment. Andrew has eight years of experience in the forefront of people operations and contributed to AMI receiving Inc. 5000 awards for three consecutive years. Here he shares what he considers to be some of the tools AMI has used in recent months to create a strong company culture to withstand a crisis.

How important is it to maintain a code of conduct and ethics in an organization?

It is important for organizations to know who they are and what they stand for because in crisis situations, people will return to their innate characteristics. Ethical codes, code of conduct and core values will inevitably be created for your business. Whether that creation is done by the business owner(s), the leadership structure or the employees, every area of the business will begin to follow and become affected by the codes that have been agreed upon.

Humanity loves to play games. What do we do to games without rules? We create the rules!

A code of conduct gives employees something to fall back on when times become challenging and how your organization responds will speak volumes to your employees and customers.

So set the rules, align your leadership team and create an environment that encourages growth at all levels: personal, professional and financial.

How do these corporate codes of conduct for employees and codes of ethics prevent or address crisis situations caused by employees or members?

In crisis situations, people will return to their innate characteristics. Your core values, ethics and codes of conduct should be injected in your hiring and recruiting processes. Candidates should be aligned with and emulate your core values before they are hired. Prevent individuals from joining your team that do not immerse themselves into your business core values.

Putting a fire out is much more costly than preventing the fire in the first place. With great hiring practices, internal training and a bought-in leadership structure, no crisis can bring down an organization.

How do these ethics codes increase the opportunity of production and morale by creating a tight-knit team?

Ethical codes keep all employees on the same page. They know the rules of the environment and will act accordingly. There is nothing that will spike turnover rate more than an unstable termination process that changes with the characteristics of each manager or team leader.

How do you create a thriving and expanding culture? Set the code of conduct and do not waiver, the rest will sort itself out!

How does your company culture and management style set you apart from your competition?

As far as company culture, we like to keep it fun and empower our employees to improve both personally and professionally. AMI really works to develop each employee’s personal, professional and financial goals by having in-depth conversation during the onset of employment. Our leadership understands that if our employees are not achieving their goals, we as a company will not achieve our goals.

We encourage diversity and transparency in our ever-changing industry — which is why we set our own rules and create a fun and fast-paced work environment that empowers employees to reach their highest potential.

re you currently hiring? If so, how many positions are open?

AMI is currently hiring! AMI is undergoing a lot of expansion and we look forward to increasing our staff as we expand our AMI family. We are specifically looking for trained salespeople, sales assistants, finance personnel, HR personnel, public relations and marketing experts and a VP of Marketing.

To learn more about career opportunities with AMI visit our website:

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Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) is the nation’s leading consulting group for establishing holistic, philosophically-based medical integration. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the medical integration space and have helped more than 500 clinics integrated across the USA with plans to expand to 1,000 clinics in the next two years.

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